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R & D

Fairfield Crystal Technology was founded as a specialty materials company to develop and manufacture advanced semiconductor and optical crystal materials. Our scientists and engineers have expertise in managing high temperature crystal growth processes to develop high-purity single crystal materials. The company's research and development capabilities are unique in that we perform proprietary crystal growth and manufacturing; fabricating and characterizing a variety of crystals to very demanding customer specifications. Fairfield Crystal Technology is pushing the envelope in single crystal technology.

Our crystal research and development includes materials such as single-crystal aluminum nitride (AlN) which is a Department of Energy (DOE) sponsored program and single-crystal zinc sulfide (ZnS) which is a National Science Foundation (NSF) sponsored program. We are working with federal agencies and other partners to develop these critical single crystal materials and are planning to introduce these products in the near future.


National Science Foundation Research
PHASE I SBIR AWARD SBIR Phase I: A Novel Approach for Production of Freestanding GaN Wafers for III-Nitride Light Emitters and Detectors

This project will demonstrate a novel technique for producing freestanding GaN wafers and substrates. High-quality freestanding GaN substrates are important for fabrication of high-performance light emitters, such as blue laser diodes, UV LEDs, and UV detectors that have many indispensable applications from data storage/data communication, to water/air purification, to detection/analysis of chemical and biological agents for homeland security applications. Despite the research efforts in the last decade, affordable freestanding GaN wafers and substrates of large diameters (2inches) have not been available commercially. This project will demonstrate a novel approach to growth of GaN thick films and fabrication of freestanding GaN wafers.

National Science Foundation Research
PHASE I SBIR AWARD Substrates for II-VI-based Light Emitters and Displays

This project will demonstrate a novel crystal growth technique for volume production of large diameter, high quality cadmium sulfide (CdS) single crystals suitable as lattice-matched substrates for fabricating II-VI-based light emitters, for high resolution full-color displays. We will investigate a unique growth technique for producing large-diameter, high-quality CdS single crystals in an efficient manner, so that large diameter CdS single crystal substrates may be manufactured at a competitive price.

National Science Foundation Research
PHASE I SBIR AWARD Light Detection/Analysis for UV applications

This project is to investigate crystal growth techniques for producing large diameter, high quality zinc sulfide (ZnS) single crystal substrates suitable for fabricating II-VI-based UV detectors. II-VI-based UV detectors that are visible/solar-blind with high detection efficiencies will have many important applications that require detection of weak UV radiation against a strong visible or infrared background. This research will greatly accelerate development and commercialization of high performance II-VI-based UV detectors.

Department of Energy Research
PHASE II SBIR AWARD FY 2006 Solid State Inorganic and Light Emitting Diodes for General Lighting

A Novel Growth Technique for Large Diameter AlN Single Crystal Substrates - Widespread use of high brightness light emitting devices for general lighting in offices and homes will save enormous energy consumed in lighting. But inadequate substrate materials hamper the development of highly efficient light emitting devices. This project will develop and commercialize aluminum nitride single crystal substrates that enable fabrication of highly efficient light emitting devices for solid-state lighting.

Department of Energy Research
PHASE I SBIR AWARD FY 2006 Nuclear Physics Particle and Radiation Detection Systems, Instrumentation and Techniques

Large Diameter Zinc Selenide Single Crystals for Radiation Detectors - This project will develop crystal growth technology for ZnSe-based devices used in radiation detectors and nuclear imaging. Applications include security screening, as well as medical, dental, and industrial imaging. Additional usage may be found in the formation of blue and white LEDs and blue laser diodes for optical storage.

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