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Our Crystal Technology Empowers Tomorrow's Innovations

Fairfield Crystal Technology specializes in synthetic crystals growth and fabrication of the crystals into IR/VIS/UV optics.

Featured Materials



Pitch Polishing

We are proud to provide the industry’s highest quality finish and surface quality for most parts, boasting SF capability from λ/20- 2λ and SQ capability ranging from 10/5 to 80/50 S/D.


Meticulously executed Interferometry with ZYGO Interferometer, Spectrometry in the IR/UV ranges, and rigorous homogeneity testing to validate the highest performance standards.


Discover precision with Diamond Wire Saw cuts, varied cuts like <111>, <100>, C-axis, Y-cut, alongside Prototype builds and Volume Production for an enhanced optical outcome.

Who We Are

Fairfield Crystal Technology is a leading supplier of high-purity single-crystal materials, enabling the development of advanced semiconductor devices and precision optical components. 

Our technology offers unique crystal growth and purification for high-performance applications, and we supply products to fields such as microlithography, laser spectroscopy, semiconductor, and military systems.