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Crystal Technologies R & D

Fairfield Crystal Technology was founded as a specialty materials company to develop and manufacture advanced semiconductor and optical crystal materials. Our scientists and engineers have expertise in managing high temperature crystal growth processes to develop high-purity single crystal materials. 

The company’s research and development capabilities are unique in that we perform proprietary crystal growth and manufacturing; fabricating and characterizing a variety of crystals to very demanding customer specifications. Fairfield Crystal Technology is pushing the envelope in single crystal technology.

Our crystal research and development has been concentrating mostly on single crystal growth utilizing basic principles of PVT technology. The FCT proprietary growth process is being used to produce a variety of crystals, historically grown with other methods, such as the pulling method or CVD, which in a lot of cases are less efficient and more costly. 

Our latest R&D interest revolves around the development of high quality and high yield single crystal ZnS and ZnSe. These two materials are steadily gaining more and more importance in development of IR optics, electroluminescent devices, radiation detectors, and diode lasers that find use in medical, industrial, and military applications. Through the R&D work we do, we are ready for the current and future demand in the optics and optoelectronics fields.