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About Fairfield Crystal

Fairfield Crystal Technology is a leading supplier of high quality, high purity, single-crystal materials that enable our customers to develop next generation semiconductor devices and precision optical components. Our crystal research is focused on improving technology in solid-state lighting, microlithography, laser, spectroscopy, semiconductor, defense and detection systems, medical imaging, nuclear medicine, and bio-agent detection. Developing and delivering novel crystals that meet the stringent tolerances and characteristics for our customers have been the basis for our fast-paced success. Fairfield Crystal’s innovative technology enables customers to capitalize on the unique properties of our crystal materials to make their products better. We are currently supplying several products to numerous customers in a variety of fields – microlithography, laser, spectroscopy, semiconductor, and military systems. Fairfield Crystal Technology has been establishing its name and solid reputation in these high technology industries for a number of years and will continue to advance crystal technology as we introduce new products.